I’d like to

Hello, I’m Liane.
I’d like to introduce myself as the blogger behind Vivire Vita (means “live life” in Italian).


Vivere Vita (formerly “Vivere La Mia Vita” and “Cibo e Moda”) was created as part of a strategy where I try to apply the basics of product development strategies. You see, I’d like to be a product developer some day because I enjoy the process of generating and making ideas happens.

According to Chron, there are five phases of new product development:

1. Idea Generation
2. Screening
3. Concept Development
4. Product Development
5. Product Commercialization

Unfortunately, none of these phases were strategically applied into this blog. Looking back through this blog’s posts, there was no official “screening” process, meaning I did not filter out what topics I would write about. I also did not look at my competition – naturally, since I didn’t really have any solid idea of what topics I would cover.

At one point I spent $ to personalize my domain that in hindsight was a big waste of money. I didn’t identify what the key strengths are nor the opportunities the blog could cover in the existing market because again, there was no solid vision.

In short, the original mission of this blog was not followed at all.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, so what? 

As the creative mind behind the blog, changes will happen. I created enough excuses to put off this project that enough is enough. So here’s what you can expect from me –

1. I will hold myself accountable to create a new mission and vision for this blog.

2. I will use this blog as my platform for brainstorming. Transparency has always been important for me, so I’d like for you to see my thought process.

For you who is reading this, thank you for taking the time and please come back for more. If you feel that I need some good constructive criticism to get my butt moving, please leave me a comment below.


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