Blog Analytics

I work as a Regulatory Analyst, so let’s zone in on the “Analyst” part of my title. I recently compiled and analyzed the stats for this blog and here’s what I found:


  • Posts related to fashion and beauty topped the charts, so I know readers who visit are interested in these topics.
  • Posts in list and photo formats peppered my top posts.
  • Facebook and Twitter are my top referrers.

Based on these stats, I know that almost all of future post formats should either be in lists or  in photos (or some sort of graphic element). This is good because I can utilize and rediscover my Photoshop skills that have been dormant.

As for topics, fashion and beauty are “no brainer” topics for me to focus on. My only challenge is, how do I make it relevant and unique given the amount of blogs that cater to these topics. On another note, should I add one more topic to focus on? If so, which one?

Life/Career Tips? 
New York? 

Finally, social media. I have a love/hate situation with social media at the moment. I have no problem publicizing my posts on Facebook, but with Twitter being so crowded, catching my target audience’s attention will be a challenge.

Stay tuned next weekend to see how I’ll tackle my topic and social media challenges.


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