Passion Planner by Angelia Trinidad

Have you heard about Passion Planner? It’s basically the best planner/notebook/journal/list known to mankind.IMG_3119.JPG

The one place for all your thoughts.

Passion planner was created based on the sole purpose of helping others define their goals into actionable steps. It was launched through Kickstarter and raised over $600,000. How amazing is that? Best part? It was created by a Filipina! – Filipino Pride!

I’m currently using the PDF version of the weekly layout on top of my Moleskine planner. So far, I am loving how all-encompassing it is. I love how there’s a section for “focus” projects AND how personal, as well as work to do lists were divided into two columns. In addition, I love how you can allot time intervals to specific projects and from this you can see how much time you spend on each one (in case you go over the allotted time).

The actual Passion Planner contains more goodies. It has layouts for monthly and weekly calendars. It has monthly reflection pages and brainstorming pages. It also has motivational quotes and weekly action items to inspire you to think outside your shell. If you’re a planner person, I highly encourage you to look at adding this planner to your shopping list. If you’re stumped at what to get the organized person on your Christmas list, get this Passion Planner pronto!

I wish I could purchase Passion Planner, but my Moleskine planner will have to suffice for now, or at least until I figure out a way to make the two coexist.

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