Bible Verses


I went back to my high school routine of reading and reflecting on a bible verse. Starting today and every Sunday thereafter, I will share the verses I reflected and prayed with each day of the previous week. I invite you to think of these verses as the Lifehack version of God’s word.

1. Psalms 92:13-14: Be fully satisfied with your life

No matter where you’re life is at, always be thankful for it.

2. Titus 3:8: Do good unto others

Be a good samaritan. Help others in need.

3. Philippians 4:13: Cast your fears to God

Remember that God is always on your side when you fear or dread anything.

4. Ephesians 5:15-16: Don’t waste time

Manage your time wisely.

5. James 5:16: Ask for help

No one can do everything by themselves.

6. Psalms 119: 133-134: Learn to pray

A simple prayer is better than an insincere one.

7. Mark 1:35: Seek God early

Pray every morning and ask for his help in mapping out your day.


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