The Many Faces of Caroline de Maigret

Music producer and fashion muse, Caroline de Maigret, chatted last night with Melissa Ceria about her life in New York, Paris, and her book, “How To be a Parisian Wherever Your Are“. I don’t closely follow her – only seen street style pictures taken of her – but based on how she answered the questions last night, I can tell how grounded and passionate she is.


Here are my take-aways from the talk:

1. She comes from a family who worked in finance and politics. She considers herself as the black sheep as she didn’t want to be part of that life. To get away from the expectations, she moved to NY to become a model.

2. She loves music and I quote: “Elvis is my king, forever..and ever”.

3. Humor is important for her and so is living in the moment. The woman knows how to make fun of herself.

Note: NSFW

4. She is a proponent of equality between genders.

5. Finally, one more quote from her: “Knowledge builds confidence”.


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