Bible Verses: Giving up

Every Lent season is a good time to “deny” myself of something I enjoy or do. In the past, I’ve done trivial things like foregoing coffee but this season, I will give up something more inherent in my nature.

I have felt the negative effects of complaining so many times that I found myself in the act of complaining a lot as well. There’s no joy that come out of it and quite frankly, the thing I complain about does not really resolve itself after I complain about it. Redundant, I know.

During this Lent season, I will get in the habit of giving thanks for the big and little things in my life. Each time I find myself on the cusp of complaining, I will try my hardest to turn it around and give thanks for whatever I will complain about.

I only have one Bible verse for you today.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving. And into his courts with praise: Give thanks unto him, and bless his name.

Psalms 100:4

bible verses


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