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In my opinion, the best photographs you take during your travels are the ones that literally gave you goosebumps.


Basilica Maxentius and Constantine
Roman Forum

A once massive church within the Roman Forum. As I walked into this place, I remember listening to Rick Steves’ guide explaining and describing this once ginormous building. His words literally gave me goosebumps as I walked and looked through this area. I don’t know if it was because of how Rick described this building or the idea that I was standing on what is a historical landmark. I knew I just had to take a picture to remember that feeling.


Roman Colosseum and Constantine’s Arch

Upon my first arrival to Rome, this was the very first landmark I saw. It was so surreal. I remembered thinking back to my “Rome” class in college and telling myself how lucky I am to actually see firsthand what I studied and learned about.


Porto, Portugal

I know nothing about this building, but the tiles, the guy with the accordion and the bird just made this photograph amazing.

What photographs did you take that made you feel a certain way? 


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