5 Developments


  1. I changed my blog’s theme again. Hopefully, this will happen less after my Skillcrush Blueprint class.
  2. Speaking of Skillcrush, I signed up for their Web Design blueprint that starts on Monday. The lessons are already available online, so I got a head start last weekend. I plan to do 1 lesson per day starting on Monday.
  3. I also took advantage of Skillshare‘s $0.99 3 month membership promo. I signed up for a bunch of classes (ones that you can finish within an hour or two). One of the classes I took was about content strategy for blogging. It was a good class because the learnings can also be applied to industries outside of blogging.
  4. I have been struggling to establish an efficient & flexible planning system. I am currently ping-ponging between digital and analog, but for the most part analog has won the game. However, I struggle to keep up and whenever plans get derailed, I lose the momentum of keeping up with the system.
  5. I have a travel wish list post about South Korea that I plan to publish tomorrow.

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