3 Reasons Why I want to go to South Korea

Kevin Lowry Photo

Last time I was in South Korea was for an 8 hour layover I had en route to Seattle. I was given a choice of either to chill at a hotel or tour the city and silly me, I chose the former. Fast forward to today, South Korea is now in my Places I want to visit bucket list. Here’s why:

Food, but not the moving kind. 

I love barbeque and Korean barbeque is no exception. The amalgation of flavors that they marinate the beef with is superb. Couple it with their traditional numerous appetizers and I am a happy camper. In addition, this being an Asian country, street food is prevalent. Finally, while I know this is traditional, I don’t think I’ll be eating live octopus.

Myeongdong Street = Skincare Heaven












I never paid attention to Korean skincare until early this year, thanks to my short vacation in the Philippines. I went inside a Face Shop location in one of the malls and for curiosity sake, I bought their masks. Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. I hear that Myeongdong Street is the mecca of skincare shops, however similar to Times Square, it’s a VERY busy street.

The Border 

North Korea:S. Korea Border

While there are other places in South Korea that I would like to visit for architecture and cultural sake, the Demilitarized Zone is the one place I would like to visit.

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