2015 is now a seemingly distant past. I started the year off with celebrating the New Year with my family and witnessing my best friends’ special occasion in the Philippines. Then, I saw and listened to a talk given by a French model. Traveled down south to New Orleans. Accepted a second professional speaking engagement.  Visited 3 New England states. Learned a lot from personal and professional mistakes made throughout the year.

In 2015, I made 3 goals for myself and my overall rating on what I accomplished for each one:

  1. Simplify = 70%
  2. Career Development = 80%
  3. Fitness = 5%

In this post, I never really explained what action plans I needed to do for each goal. It was never laid out anywhere. All I knew was that I needed to simplify, further develop my career, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I knew what the goals were, but my action plans were, to put it simply, all over the place.  I suffered a lot of analysis paralysis throughout the year and I read more inspirational articles, but never quite put anything into concrete actions.

This year, I hope to change this. This year, I’m simplifying by focusing on one word. The inspiration came from an article I read on Levo League and I thought this was as simple as a goal should get.

2016 is a big milestone year for me because I turn 30 this year. So for such a big milestone, I choose to focus on the word CREATE.

  1. CREATE more opportunities for myself.
  2. Try out new recipes at home.
  3. Go back into photography.
  4. Build my own website from scratch.
  5. Continue to build a personal brand.
  6. Write on the blog.
  7. Contribute articles to blogs I follow, like The Everygirl.
  8. Make the time to do yoga or kickboxing.

I could probably go on until I reach 30.. but I think you get my drift.

Happy New Year everyone and may this year bring you more blessings than any of the previous years before it.

source: unknown

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