1st Quarter of 2016

1st Quarter Reflections

The first 3 months of the year went by quickly. There were a ton of events that happened worth noting:

  1. Worked as a photographer for my coworker’s daughter’s birthday party.
  2. Turned 30!
  3. Tried new restaurants (Basta Pasta, Butcher Bar, Seva)
  4. Visited the Van Dyck exhibit at the Frick.
  5. Created opportunities for myself, work wise. (Slowly checking off that list from my last post)

Not a bad first quarter if I say so myself.

This next quarter will be mostly focused on exploration and passion projects. I clearly stopped posting on the blog for 2 months, so I would like to focus on that in the next quarter or so. To help me with this, I decided to take on creative challenges such as the #planwithmechallenge. This is a challenge I discovered while scouring the web for how people use their notebooks to plan their days. The focus of the challenge is to share and gain new ideas on how one can improve their planning system. It will answer the HOW and WHY of my daily planning routine. I currently face challenges in keeping up with my planning and to do list system that I think this may help me face and eliminate those issues.

April #PlanWithMeChallenge

My planners and why

I currently use 2 planners: big and small Passion Planner. The Passion Planner has a weekly & monthly setup with a few pages at the end of the planner to use for note-taking and brainstorming. I try to keep all work related (whether passion project or my daily 9-5 grind) items in the big one, while the small one is my free form planner where I get to choose what to write each week.

Do I feel like this current system is working for me? Quite honestly, I haven’t figured that out yet. I find myself not referring to them during the work week because I rely mostly on my yellow pad paper for my work to do lists and my digital calendar for personal appointments. I am hoping that this challenge will help me find a way to merge all these resources together.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

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