Accountability 3.0

I want to hold myself accountable (yes, eerily similar intro to the previous post)….

I want to talk about being a detail oriented person. I tout myself as being one of those people who can easily spot a tiny detail from a mile away.

So, why am I holding myself accountable for this? Well, let’s see, it’s easy to become way over your head when you keep touting yourself as one. Why? Because you start slipping and start missing those tiny details when you’re not paying close attention (or when you multi-task, or when you’re not mindful about the situation on hand, or when you’re just tired).

It’s easy to miss those details if you’re not laser focused on the task at hand. It’s even easier to miss if you’re body AND mind is not 100% in the game.

What’s the moral of the story here?

  1. Sleep at a reasonable time. Screw House of Cards or Orange is the New Black binge watching. Those shows will always be available, your thinking cap will not.
  2. Leave the task you’ve been laser focused on for more than an hour. Come back to it after an hour or two. Chances are you’ll see details you’ve missed and you can correct before showing it to others.
  3. Do not multitask especially if you’re doing something time and brain consuming.
  4. Be mindful. Easy to say but hard to do, but always practice mindfulness everyday. Meditate, think happy thoughts, think how much you’ve accomplished before the week even ended.



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