In this post, I wrote about several goals I’d like to accomplish in the next 2 months. It’s almost the 1 month mark (have one more week left), but let’s dive in on what I have accomplished so far.

  • Revamp my portfolio to showcase both photography & graphic design works. 
    • On track! I don’t know if “revamp” is the right word to use here, but I uploaded most of my photos and design works in my portfolio. I still have to learn how to correctly organize it. The blog’s theme isn’t exactly user friendly.
      Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 11.44.11 PM
  • Settle on a personal brand (establish a logo and brand name). I do not want to be yet another “(Name) Photography” site.
    • Logo is completed.
    • Still toying with what exactly I should call it. I keep using “lilo (type of photo)” on my Instagram hashtags because I keep thinking I should stick to “Lilo Factor” as the name. However, my logical brain is thinking, “you’re going to get sued by the movie people for using “Lilo”. Work in progress as you can read. 
  • Stop reading about how to start creating and just do it. 
    • Can’t remember when I last read an article about “creating”, so on track!
  • Stop comparing my site to others. 
    • On track! I’ve stopped caring about when I should post. I stopped caring about my stats. 
  • Write and post whatever the heck I want/feel about on any given day. Editorial calendar be damned.
    • On track! See previous goal update. 🙂 

Overall, it looks like I’m on track with these goals. I feel like I should add more to this, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself? Baby steps?


I do have some ideas in mind on the next actions to pursue, but still firming it up offline.

I have to say, I’m loving this putting my goals online and holding myself accountable to them (ugh, can this sentence be any more passive???).


5 Life Lessons at 28

As my birthday weekend comes to a close, I would like to share 5 things I have learned:

1) Always plan things, no matter what, even if it’s just a haphazard plan. Having a plan is better than no plan at all.

2) Growing up is a pain. Stop complaining you want to move out of your house because your parents are driving you bananas. Once you hit the golden years of independence, when you have to deal with bills bills bills, you’re gonna wish you didn’t complain. 

3) When you make a choice, think long term and think of all scenarios.

4) It’s easy to fall into a complacent pattern, DON’T. Because once you grow accustom to this pattern, you will never see a challenge until it hits you in the head (and the heart).

5) Life gets tough, don’t be scared. Do all of the above and you’ll be fine.

This Week

To end this Saturday, here are things I have been enjoying recently ..

Getting life nuggets from “Likeable Leadership” by Dave Kerpen 

Playing curator with my Pinterest boards

Cornell’s Law School website saved my butt this week

China starts to think about ending animal testing on cosmetics

Also, consider donating your resources to the Typhoon Haiyan efforts.

I want to hit myself in the head sometimes. How can I forget about the “big picture”? Have I become so jaded that I fail to see things the way I used to? This week has been quite a challenge for me. I’ve learned the valuable lesson of not doubting my abilities (yet again). I think I leaned on for too long that I forget what I am capable of doing. I say basta (means “enough” in Italian).