4 Years Ago..

I stepped out of La Guardia Airport with a huge bag in tow. I went in line for a taxi, snubbed a would be “black car” driver, and sweat my ass off because it was humid af. This was my “Welcome to New York” greeting.


Couple of weeks ago, I came across the first street I ever lived in. It was so far from the subway line, but convenient enough since it’s close to markets, coffee shops & restaurants. It was an AirBnB rental that I had for 2 weeks.

Those 2 weeks were the busiest I’ve ever been. Looking for an apartment or a room was not an easy fit especially if you’re new to the city. To top it off, I also started my internship (a requirement I had to fulfill in order to get my MBA diploma). Craiglist became my best friend/enemy, but it somehow came through for me. I found an apartment 2 days before my AirBnB rental was up and found myself trekking to Sunnyside.

Since then, I called Sunnyside my home. Can’t imagine moving away from here though I have a slight inkling that it may happen next year given how rent increases have been.

People asked me, why New York? Well, I came here to jumpstart my career in fashion (circa 2012). I wanted to be in product development in fashion, but because I didn’t have the “experience”, I had to look elsewhere. Now, 3 years later, I work in the beauty industry alongside product developers. I’m not a product developer myself, but I get so much exposure on the processes.

New York has taught me a lot about life. It taught me that it’s OK to see poop and huge rats in the subway because that’s the norm. I learned that smells are a part of everyday city living and I shouldn’t complain about it. Also, the NYC subway system is like Hunger Games, especially during rush hour, people can be brutal and snappy especially when trains don’t run smoothly.

Would I stay for another four years in this city? Why yes. Would I feel different in a year or so? Possibly. But you know, New York gives off that vibe. You know that vibe that tells you to not give up on her and to keep on trekking. That’s what New York does.


more “firsts” coming my way

I know there is a certain je nes sais quoi about living in NY. The lights, Broadway, food, shopping, nightlife, and the list goes on and on. But what’s hidden behind the allure of the city is the price that one has to pay to live and breathe the New York state of mind.

a. Taxes

I had an ugly revelation yesterday. I.have.to.pay.TAXES. Why? Because, guess the person who didn’t research how to fill out that damn W4 form. Yep, that would be me. Prior to starting my job, I thought, “oh, this should be easy, I’ll fill it out the same way as I did back when I was in Seattle”. That thinking has now bitten me hard and it’s not even April yet.

Some tax facts for you non-US residents out there:

  • In WA, you only have to pay 1 tax, Federal.
  • In NY, you have to pay 3 taxes. Federal, NY State Tax, and if you live within the 5 boros, New York City Tax.
  • That 60K salary? After taxes, that will probably dwindle down to about 30K.

Super awesome right??

b. Rent Renewal

I’m about to embark negotiations with my landlord on my apartment’s renewal lease for the first time ever. Wish me luck!

c. Wisdom Tooth

Dentist saw it.
Said I should have it checked by a surgeon dentist.
Said I should have it taken out. ASAP.

Ugh. 2014, I still heart you, but go easy on me around summer, K?

Pinterest and Inspiration

Last weekend, I used my Photoshop CS (!!) to create a collage of pictures with clickable links (not as hard as I thought it was). However, after doing a research on how to upload html files onto WordPress, I quickly came to a very sad conclusion – I can’t upload html files onto WordPress blogs unless I have a legitimate WordPress site (the details are just irrelevant now). Anyway, the silver lining of  this, is now I know how to create clickable links through Photoshop (adding that to my list of Photoshopping skills).

So instead of a collage of pictures, I bring you articles I recently read that may be useful to you as well.

  1. The reason why one must travel abroad, alone.
  2. Not a fan of blogging? Or perhaps you don’t understand why people have blogs? Maybe reading this will help clear some things out for you.
  3. Ever wonder what it’s like finding an apartment in NY? College Prep sums it up for you.
  4. How to be THAT girl, according to Kate White (former EIC of Cosmopolitan)

Thank you @collegeprepster and @levoleague for the inspiration behind this post. 

vivere la vita di un italiana: Some things I miss…


1. Starbucks cup. Believe it or not, the coffee shops around here do not carry paper cups, let alone paper cups in sizes (have you seen my post about their small cup of jo?). They use plastic cups if you want to bring your coffee while you walk.

2. The efficiency of the American system (at…

vivere la vita di un italiana: Some things I miss…

One of the things I am baffled by



Every month there’s one happening, whether it’ll be the buses, the taxis or the trains. 

What makes me scratch my head is that, they keep on striking and yet nothing is happening? Doesn’t that tell you anything?? 

I am just waiting for the day when a bus strike and a taxi strike both occur at the same time (that only means no school for me. =) )