4 Years Ago..

I stepped out of La Guardia Airport with a huge bag in tow. I went in line for a taxi, snubbed a would be “black car” driver, and sweat my ass off because it was humid af. This was my “Welcome to New York” greeting.


Couple of weeks ago, I came across the first street I ever lived in. It was so far from the subway line, but convenient enough since it’s close to markets, coffee shops & restaurants. It was an AirBnB rental that I had for 2 weeks.

Those 2 weeks were the busiest I’ve ever been. Looking for an apartment or a room was not an easy fit especially if you’re new to the city. To top it off, I also started my internship (a requirement I had to fulfill in order to get my MBA diploma). Craiglist became my best friend/enemy, but it somehow came through for me. I found an apartment 2 days before my AirBnB rental was up and found myself trekking to Sunnyside.

Since then, I called Sunnyside my home. Can’t imagine moving away from here though I have a slight inkling that it may happen next year given how rent increases have been.

People asked me, why New York? Well, I came here to jumpstart my career in fashion (circa 2012). I wanted to be in product development in fashion, but because I didn’t have the “experience”, I had to look elsewhere. Now, 3 years later, I work in the beauty industry alongside product developers. I’m not a product developer myself, but I get so much exposure on the processes.

New York has taught me a lot about life. It taught me that it’s OK to see poop and huge rats in the subway because that’s the norm. I learned that smells are a part of everyday city living and I shouldn’t complain about it. Also, the NYC subway system is like Hunger Games, especially during rush hour, people can be brutal and snappy especially when trains don’t run smoothly.

Would I stay for another four years in this city? Why yes. Would I feel different in a year or so? Possibly. But you know, New York gives off that vibe. You know that vibe that tells you to not give up on her and to keep on trekking. That’s what New York does.


Throwback: First Day in the Big Apple

My first day in NY was a bit daunting. I got off LaGuardia Airport and whoa was it hot that day! I bee-lined my way to the taxi line and waited my turn. Of course there were some “gypsy” drivers trying to get my business, but thankfully living in Europe gave me the education I needed to fend off these guys.

While waiting in line, I hear these two girls talking with each other — and wow were they talking fast. But they weren’t talking about anything remotely interesting, they were just Throwback: First Day in the Big Applemerely bitching about their friend or something.

Anyway, when I finally got to my turn, I asked the cab driver to take me to this AirBnB place I rented for two weeks in Astoria. I can barely remember the memory of the ride, but I remember thinking holy ish I’m in NY!

Status Update: Analyze and Re-Strategize

From the time I moved my blog to WordPress, I’ve been tracking how well it’s been doing. Here are the highlights of Liane Pamuspusan since February:

Total Views: 1,266

Total Comments: 28

Total Followers: 76

Most Popular Post Written: “How Fashion Affects Our Lives”

When I first bought the domain name “LianePamuspusan.com”, I had big plans for it. I planned on writing everyday, I wanted to track how well it each posts were doing on social media, and I wanted to see what my audiences would say about my writing.

Sadly, I have forgotten what the whole point of this blog was. I’m not sure anymore if I’m writing posting for myself or am I just updating it for the sake of the cost/wear of the domain.

They say that when you have a blog, you should be your authentic self. Write about whatever you feel like writing about. Post whatever you want to post about. So I’m going to try this one on for size — refocusing this blog on NYC living and all the quirks that go with it.

I lived in the Seattle for almost 11 years, so you could say that I’m a West Coast girl at heart. Treading through the streets of NY is WAYYY different than it is in Seattle. For one thing, Seattle is smaller – WAY smaller. In Seattle, you drive – A LOT. Seattle is a baby when it comes to everything — fashion, food, tech (ok fine, I’ll give her Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon), beauty. It rains a lot in Seattle (yes, I know, a broken record).

Now NY?

Close proximity to Europe? CHECK!
Mature AND still growing Beauty, Fashion, Food, and Tech? CHECK!
Don’t have to drive a car to work? CHECK!
WAYY too many places to discover? CHECK!!
It only rains a handful of times? CHECK!

I’ve always dreamed about living in NY (yes, I know just like any other 27 year old you would encounter), so I feel very blessed to be living in this massive and expensive city.

Anyone out there on the same boat as I am? Feel free to comment on what your first day was like living in NY. I’ll talk about mine on my next post!